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Change Your World Events | Inverness

Personal Development & Life Coaching | Stress Management Coaching | Bespoke Workplace coaching |Events


Personal Development & Life Coaching services for Individuals, Groups & Organisations Change Your World Everyday - An online coaching group delivering daily coaching from leading coaches, motivational speakers and health and well-being professionals.


Stress Management Coaching for Individuals and Organisations Hosting the Highlands Largest Personal Development, Health & Well-being Conferences- Bringing leading UK & International motivational speakers and health & well-being professionals to Scotland for the first time.


Bespoke Workplace coaching tailored specifically for the needs of the individual and it’s organisation. Change Your World has a whole database of experts to call upon. Events, workshops & motivational talks designed to inspire, empower and motivate and create a ripple effect of positive change for Individuals, Organisations and the Environment- through the power of personal development.

Change Your World creates a ripple effect of positive change for Individuals, Organisations and the Environment. Our Mission is to Change the World through the power of personal development. Personal development is a process of self-education aimed at enhancing professional skills, employability, quality of life, self-discipline, talent and potential. A consistent personal development practice is the key to accelerating our growth. Personal Development allows us to push ourselves further and faster. But it's also World changing - when we develop ourselves, we start to think better, when we think better, we make better choices, when we make better choices, we get better results and that's when our personal and professional world starts to change. If everyone were to have a consistent personal development practice, that when the ripple effect happens and we organically change the world.


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