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How can I help you? ~1:1 Personal Training ~Double Trouble Personal Training sessions (2:1) ~Tiny group workouts for you and your friends (max 3) ~Body Positivity Mentoring (How to get you started loving the skin you are in) ~Strength (how to lift weights) ~Mobility & Flexibility (how to stretch) ~Functional training ~Cardio ~Learning “how to move” if you are a newbie! ~Exploring what movement brings you joy ~Help you to implement body positivity into your fitness training ~Develop self-care & self compassion


As a body positive coach and personal trainer I challenge the idea that being fit and healthy looks a certain way. I reject diet culture, the culture of over-exercising, and valuing aesthetic goals over anything else. I want to show you that fitness is about more than just the after picture. Not to say that you can’t have physical or aesthetic goals but what I really want to show you is how regular exercise can increase your energy, happiness, and improve your quality of life.By working with me you’ll learn how to escape from the diet mentality and experience freedom from food rules, rigid fitness routines and being at war with your body. You’ll develop confidence in navigating decisions about your health and wellbeing while having fun along the way. This is by no means a comprehensive explanation of what it means to be a body positive coach and personal trainer.For more info check out my website .Book yourself a free BODY POSITIVE CUPPA CONSULT and pop in to see me in my private studio in Inverness!


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